Dirk Serries and Martina Verhoeven presenting new stuff af Majjem HQ!

On Wednesday’s show we will have Dirk Serries and Martina Verhoeven als our guests at Majjem HQ.

They will talk about a new cd series on ‘New Wave Of Jazz’ and present the first 2 releases that will be released on September 1st.

One, very intense, acoustic cd coming from both of our guests Dirk and Martina and one from a quartet/quintet Dirk played 2 shows with at London’s Vortex club earlier this year, feat. John Dikeman, Andrew Lisle, Collin Webster and Alan Wilkinson. The 2 recordings very nicely capture the energy from those evenings at the Vortex club.

Again 2 very fine releases on ‘New Wave Of Jazz’!

And….more freshness on the show: René from Dead Neanderthals will be on the phone to talk about their forthcoming new release!

Tune in: Live 22.00-00.00 p.m. on Wednesday August 2nd: www.omroepvenlo.nl
A few hours later HERE!

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