Playlist/Listen: 05-06-2019

Listen: Majjem-Radio 05-06-2019

Jawa & Shaza Manla – No title
  Own Recording: Live At ‘Arenborghoeve’ Venlo 19-05-2019 

JK Flesh – In Your Pit (The Bug Remix)
 12”: In Your Pit EP [Pressure – PRESH 007]

Sarah Davachi – Perfumes III
LP: Pale Bloom [W.25TH – W25-10]

Anna Högberg Attack – Lisa Med Kniven
LP: Anna Högberg Attack [Omlott – MLR 011]

Teeth Of The Sea – I’d Rather Jack
  LP: Wraith [Rocket Recordings – LAUNCH154]

Interview With Tijs Heesterbeek From Gonzo (Circus) Magazine

Pinkish Black – Dial Tone
  CD: Concept Unification [Relapse Records, Forthcoming]

Interview With The Sunshine Lounge [Mark Smith]

The Sunshine Lounge – A Mountain On Legs – Green On Red
  Tape: A Mountain On Legs [Silvergoasts No#]

Interview With Acid Cannibals

Acid Cannibals Live At Vader Klaassens: Big Rab Takes On The Orange Order/50,000 Nos Cans Can’t Be Wrong/Life’s Alright
Own Recording From The Grenswerk/Vader Klaassens/Majjem Radio Event 20-05-2019


No Dutch: Majjem-Non-Stop :

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