Playlist/Listen: 30-01-2019

Listen: Majjem-Radio 30-01-2019

Peter Stampfel & The Atomic Meta Pagans (Feat. Shelly Hirsch) – Diarrhea Of A Mad Man
  Cd: The Ordovician Era! [Don Giovanni Records]

Peter Stampfel & The Atomic Meta Pagans (Feat. Shelly Hirsch) – Red, Blue  And Hot
  Cd: The Ordovician Era! [Don Giovanni Records]

Oscar Mulero – Leence
  Flexi 7’’: Paraddisea [Hospital Productions HOS627]
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Bridgetown Dub
  7’’: Venus Flytrap Exotica [Les Disques De La Bretagne BZH004]

Vatican Shadow- Opium Crop Airstrikes
  Tape: Opium Crop Airstrikes [Hospital Productions HOS629]

Linekraft – Urban Deterioration
  Lp: Engineering Analysis Of Inner Death [Hospital Productions HOS602]

Gnod R&D – DO
  2xLp: Volume 3 [Sound Of Cobra SOC22]

Jay Mitta – Sapienz
  Lp: Tatizo Pesa [Nyege Nyege Tapes NNT010]

Jay Glass Dubs – Epithaph
  Lp: To My Benefitors [Bokeh Versions BKV023]

Lieven Martens – Tradewind
  Cd: Songs Of Gold Incadescent (Expanded Edition, 2019) [Edições Cn ECN 6.6]

Ami Shavit – Yom Kippur, Part Two
2 Lp: Yom Kippur 1973 [Sub Rosa SRV456]

Joe McPhee – Nation Time
  Lp: Nation Time [Superior Viaduct SV164]

Joe McPhee, John Butcher – Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
  Cd: At The Hill Of James Magee [Trost Records TR174]

Pavel Milyakov – Synthetics
  2xLp: La Maison De La Mort [Berceuse Heroique BH057]

Acronym & Kali Malone – Tarmar
  12’’: The Torrid Eye [Stilla Ton Stilla Ton 3]

Meglamancha – Silica
  Tape: Silica [Staetenbard SR-T02LE]

No Dutch: Majjem-Music-Only

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