Playlist/Listen: 17-08-2016

Listen: Hour 1/Hour 2


Hour 1:

Max Roach – Tender Warriors
Lp: Percussion Bitter Sweet [Impulse! A-8]

Tomorrow The Rain will Fall Upwards – Wreck His Days
Lp: Wreck his days [Blackest Ever Black BLACKEST053]

Tomorrow The Rain will Fall Upwards – Ay Carmela [Mujeres Libres]
Lp: Wreck his days [Blackest Ever Black BLACKEST053]

Rian Treanor – Pattern A1
12’’: Pattern Damage [The Death Of Rave RAVE017]

Airhead – Kazzt [Mumdance Remix]
12’’: Kazzt [Different Circles DIFF004]

Bear Bones, Lay Low – Lightning Eyelids
Lp: Hacia La luz [No Label RHD-027BEARBONES]


Hour 2

Broken English Club – Our History In Bones
7’’: Myths Of Steel And Concrete [Death & Leisure DEATH01]

Simon Shreeve – A/SA
12’’: The Healing Bowl [Downwards LINO 70]

Simon Shreeve – Lust Product
12’’: Lust Product [Downwards LINO 72]

Hypnopazūzu – The Crow At play
2xLp: Create Christ, Sailor boy [House Of Mythology HOM006]

The Stargazer’s Assistent – World Of Amphibia
2xLp: Remoteness Of Light [House Of Mythology HOM005]

Big Naturals – God Shaped Hole
Split Lp W/Anthroprophh: Big Naturals & Anthroprophh [Cardinal Fuzz CF052]

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