Playlist/Listen: 20-04-2016

Listen: Hour 1/Hour 2

Majjem-Radio Tony Conrad Edition!


Hour 1:

The Primitives – The Ostrich [2.50]
7’’: The Ostrich/Sneaky Pete [Pickwick City Records PC9001]

John Cale/Tony Conrad/Angus MacLise/La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela – Inside The Dream Syndicate [30.54]
Cd: Inside The Dream Syndicate [Table Of The Elements W74, TOE-CD-74]

Tony Conrad With Faust – The Side Of The Machine [26.20]
Lp: Outside The Dream Syndicate [Superior Viaduct SV048]


Hour 2:

Tony Conrad – Four Violins (1964) [32.30]
Lp: Four Violins [Table Of the Elements 17 Cl]

Tony Conrad//Charlemagne Palestine – More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries From Belgie
DVDr: More Aural Symbiotic Mysteries From Belgie [Taping Policies TP#5]

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