Playlist/Listen: 25-06-2014





Listen: Hour 1 / Hour 2


Hour 1

Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses Deep
CD: Ten New Songs [Columbia  501202 2]
Bremen – Sun Son
2xLP: Second Launch [Blackest Ever Black  BLACKEST 033]
Officer!  – Go Back
2xLP:  Dead Unique [Blackest Ever Black  BLACKESTLP006]
Officer! – Fruit Stew
2xLP:  Dead Unique [Blackest Ever Black  BLACKESTLP006]
González & Steenkiste – Path Of The Beam
Tape: Dimply Lit [Fort Evil Fruit  FEF27]


Hour 2

Isengrind – Beyond Nowhere
Tape: Underflesh [Wast Is Das?  WAS2]
Natural Snow Buildings – Witches All Around
2xCD/2xCdr/2xCdr: The Dance Of The Moon And The Sun [Students Of Decay   SoD 70/71]
The Cosmic Dead & Rich Millman – Easterfaust (Live At Herben Bridge Trades Club)
Tape: Live At The Trades [Wast Ist Das?  WAS1]
Matt Baldwin – Golden Twins
Tape: Golden Twins [Sloow Tapes  none]


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