Playlist/Listen: 30-10-2013

Listen: Hour1/hour2

Hour 1:

The Velvet Underground – Sister Ray
  4x Cd: Boston Tea Party [Scorpio  ‎#1969-1/2/3/4]

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music A-4
  2x Lp: Metal Machine Music (The Amine β Ring) [RCA Victor CPL2-1101]

Hour 2:

Ital – Nodding
  12’’: Throbbing/Nodding [Lovers rock LR003]

Appelation Controllée – Zijn Tijd Ver Vooruit
  Cd: Various: Perrongeluk (Fifteen Songs) [CCM95012]

Stonerfront Nijmegen – Stonerfront Nijmegen
  12’’: 3 Days Dessert [Fuzzmatazz ‎No #]

Interview With Jaap From ‘Mudfest III’

Toner Low – Phase Six
  2x Lp: III [Bilocation/Roadkill Rekordz BILOC #14/RKR 22]

Weerstand ft. Frankie Boxcutta – Schaakmat
  Mixtape [Breek Records free download]

Core Shift – Eigengrau #6
  Dig. [Own Recording]



Come and have a drink with us at our 25th anniversary party tomorrow and Friday!
We’ll be at Kafee de Splinter, Venlo with Weerstand,Appelation Controlée, Core Shift, Dagora, Electric Mud and Orphax. Nice artwork there aswell!


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